Door Access Control Service

As a business owner, security and privacy in your workspace, office, and company are two important factors that you should not have to worry about every hour of the day. You deserve complete control over the people who get access into your personal space and when they get that said access. The methods of safeguarding your space have evolved, but businesses often spend large sums of money on security personnel and traditional key methods in the quest for security and privacy. All of this extra cost is avoidable, provided you arm yourself with the right information on the many new and improved options you have to control door access.

Door Access Control Systems

1. One of many such options is the Fingerprint Access Control, a door access control system that uses biometrics and is up there with the most secure methods obtainable anywhere in the world. Following the installation of this security system, entry into your building will be strictly limited to those who have their fingerprints stored in the system’s database.

2. Doorbell intercom systems also provide a dependable alternative for your business security needs. Here, you get to communicate with and authenticate visitors who ring your doorbell and decide whether to allow them in or shut them out.

3. Yet another option available – one that has been made all the more appealing by the global pandemic we are still in the middle of – is the Thermal Detectors. This provides a temperature check station for your workplace and will better allow compliance with the COVID-19 regulations. Individuals with suspiciously high body temperatures can be kept out of your premises, thus reducing the risk of infection with the bothersome Coronavirus.

4. Proximity cards and key FOBs can also be used for door access control. They provide an added level of convenience as they are keyless entry systems that only requiring matching radio waves to lock and unlock doors. By distributing the cards and FOBs to only qualified personnel and individuals, control of entry is assured at all times.

5. Electric pin padlocks can also prove useful by only opening your doors to individuals with knowledge of a unique combination of numbers that make up your password.

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