Spare or Lost All Chip Keys

The invention and subsequent perfection of transponder keys or chip keys marked exciting times for automobile technology. And this is because of the additional layer of security they provide for car users. Using radio frequencies, these keys can control car lock and ignition function by using unique digital codes that mean only the right chip key can start a car. Thus, these significantly reduce the risk of car theft. Now, virtually every vehicle on the market manufactured in the last 15 years comes with one, and the chances are that if you’re reading this right now, you probably have a chip key for your car, van, or truck. The popularity of chip keys comes with the inevitable questions: What do I do if my chip key is damaged? Is there a way to safeguard my car if my chip key is stolen? Is it possible to get a spare chip key as a backup for my main key?

For all these questions – and more that you might have – about chip keys, TheLockGuys have answers to put your mind at ease. We are experienced and seasoned car locksmiths who have made it a priority to master vehicle keys, lock, and ignition systems. Included in the services we offer is the replacement of lost chip keys and the programming of spare transponders for vehicle owners in need of them. We are based in Dalton, Georgia, and from there, we spread the goodness of our quality and prompt services to residents and visitors alike.

Using state-of-the-art technology and industry-standard tools and equipment, the car locksmiths at TheLockGuys will cut new keys for you and program the transponders to communicate seamlessly with your vehicle. The reach of our capabilities extends to a very broad range of car manufacturers and models, including Nissan, Jeep, Toyota, BMW, Honda, Lexus, and many more. Rest assured that we will be able to cater for your vehicle regardless of the make. Because we understand that a lost key is an emergency, more often than not, we are prepared and equipped to drive down to wherever your vehicle is in Dalton and surrounding areas. We will fix the problem on the spot, thus saving you a lot of time and energy. We eliminate the need to go through the lengthy process of getting a new car key from your local dealership. We offer the added benefit of affordable and pocket-friendly pricing.

Transponders represent a sophisticated piece of technology. It is important you only deal with knowledgeable professionals when you want to replace a lost key or equip yourself with a spare one for emergency reasons. TheLockGuys are just the experts you need for the job. We are easily accessible from the comfort of your device, and we have many satisfied customers that can attest to the swiftness and effectiveness with which we attend to request for our services.

Reach out to us today and let Dalton’s finest car locksmiths serve you with a touch of class and quality.