European Specialty Car Keys

Losing your key or being locked out of your car is a recipe for disaster. It turns the brightest and most productive days into the most frustrating, gloomy ones within a twinkle of an eye. You not only have to decide between trying to continue being productive and going on with your plans or giving up on the day in its entirety until you’ve worked out your key situation. You’ll also worry about how safe your car is when it’s out of sight.

So, have you lost your key, you just can’t find it anymore? Is it no longer working? At TheLockGuys we aim to allay your fears, give you comfort and confidence to get you through the day by getting you back your European car keys.

There are various types of keys in use, and it does a lot of good to know about some of them.

1. Transponder keys: This is very secure. It utilizes signals to unlock doors, contains a microchip that is unique and programmed by the manufacturer. The microchip in a remote control transmits its signal to a receiver around the ignition, and failure to match with that programmed into the car means the car will not start. This helps to prevent car theft.

2. Laser-cut keys: Also provides extra security. Has similar laser grooves on both sides, thus it functions perfectly using either side. Laser-cut keys require a professional locksmith to fabricate, and this makes it harder for a thief to make a copy of your keys. They also contain transponders and as such function similarly.

3. Smart key: An electronic authorization system and access, it allows the driver to keep the key fob within his pocket while locking, unlocking, and starting the vehicle

4. Mechanical keys: Largely outdated due to recent technological advancements, but still in use.

Others include Remote/key combos, Tibbe keys and more

European cars are known to be long lasting, highly advanced in technology, having very solid engineering and with efficient fuel usage. At TheLockGuys, we deal with an extensive range of European cars including BMW, Mercedes, Audi, VW, Porsche, Land Rover, Jaguar and even more. This wide range of operations has granted us the needed experience and expertise to offer the best service to you. We have trained personnel for every one of these European car keys. We are experts, and very knowledgeable in this range of European car keys and that is why we deal in them.

Unlike other dealers, we do not practice trial and error. We understand that every car is different. So, while dealers take longer to get your keys, at TheLockGuys, we have them in stock for same-day service. We do not waste your time at all, we get you back to comfort in no time. We also have professional tools which help us render the best service you can get. You have absolutely nothing to be apprehensive about when you deal with us- our prices are beyond fair, and our customer service is top-notch. Our staff are always ready to help, and we are particular about what you have to say about us when business is done, so we always deliver nothing short of the best!