Residential Services

Some people have erroneously believed for the longest time that the need for a locksmith arises only when they’re locked out of their homes, cars, or offices. While it is certain that one needs a locksmith when locked out, it isn’t entirely true that one would need a locksmith ONLY then.

At TheLockGuys we cater to the needs of residents in Dalton, Georgia by offering a wide range of residential lock services you wouldn’t imagine, even those with specialized cars, homes, or office locks. For one, we change locks. In this instance, you’re doing the locking out; perhaps you moved to a new home, and you want to up your security, or you believe your locks are worn out and need to change them. It could also be that you wish to keep certain people out who have previously had access to your keys – maybe an old tenant, a contractor whose repair job is complete, a pesky aunt, an ex, or a nosy landlord.

Another of our services is locked rekey. Here we don’t change the locks; it’s the same lock. We just modify the key mechanism to prevent the old keys from unlocking your doors. It is cheaper to rekey locks than it is to change them. One that is a bit of both and which many people have come to prefer is to have a particular key that can unlock all locks against having several keys for different locks. This would require first changing all locks, getting them from the same efficient preferred brand, and having them rekeyed to work with a single key.

Additionally, we provide locks for security safes. Safes have been used to secure important things such as jewelry and money. It offers extra security and safety in cases of fire or robbery. Although this service is requested less commonly in residential areas, and more commonly with businesses that run security. We supply, set up, repair, and open various types of vaults and safes.  Yearly maintenance and check-ups of locks have been said to ensure everyone is safe and sound, and this is also a service you should consider us rendering for you.

There’s also the ancient as time and widely known service of duplicating locking keys. We bring up-to-date recommendations and tips to our clients about their locks and security. In some cases, we have been retained to help keep extra key sets, but this is totally at your discretion. We do all these and more at TheLockGuys.

Why Choose Us?

We are the best you can get when it comes to rendering residential lock services. We run emergency services and always make ourselves available when you need us to offer solutions as the problems arise. Our prices are very affordable, and you get maximum value for your money. Our staff is always pleasant, ready to allay your fears and comfort you, and we definitely do not leave till we get the job done.

Reach out to us today, and have a taste of our expertise and professionalism!