VW and Honda ignition repair

Common Car Ignition Failures – Honda and Volkswagen Models

Have you ever wondered how tiring managing your personal and professional lives in this fast-paced world will be without having a car? I can tell you confidently that life could be very hectic when you don’t have your means of transportation. Cars make living easier and stress-free, that’s one of the countless reasons why cars have become widely distributed. Since its advent, getting from one point to another has never been difficult as it used to be in ancient times. From convenience to privacy, then to independence, purchasing your car would be the best decision you should make if you don’t have one yet.

However, when the functionality of your car is impaired as a result of damage to any of its components, the whole situation becomes unappealing. Inconvenience sets in, and you get more tensed with more vital parts of the car developing faults like famous ignition failure. The point is your car needs to get back to optimum functioning quickly because there’s not much it can do without an optimum working ignition system. A damaged ignition system can subject the car owner to a lot of frustration because it makes starting or stopping your car engine becomes almost impossible. When this happens,  experienced and reliable car repair professionals are the ones you should contact to help save the day, and good for you, Thelockguys is the best option for you.

The ignition is the genesis of all events that bring your car engine into pumping, so a faulty ignition is not difficult to pick. The indicators include: keys that won’t turn in the ignition after inserting it, or having no sounds from the starter motor even when the key turns in the ignition, and the generic indicator is the failure of the car to start after repeated turning in the ignition. 

Thelockguys – Repairing Ignition Failures in Honda and Volkswagen Models

While these car ignition problems might be common among other car models, it’s commonplace among the Honda and Volkswagen. The obvious thing is that since Honda changed their ignition cut key to a higher security cut key in 2002, they’ve experienced a major setback because Honda users have reported series of issues surrounding their keys getting stuck in the ignition system. Similar shoes are worn by the Volkswagen users too, especially those using the more recent models from Volkswagen company. Other common ignition failures plague these car owners, examples are failing spark plugs, coil park problems, issues with the sensor, etc. Get Thelockguys into the picture and the besetting plague of ignition failures that have waged war over Honda and Volkswagen cars will be a thing of the past in no time.

Thelockguys – Best Locksmith Company For Fixing Your Honda Ignition Failures

Honda uses a wafers system that is prone to wearing off due to its constant use. When this happens, getting your key to switch on the car engine in the ignition often fails. Don’t worry, Thelockguys has got you covered anytime any day. Our service is the best for you because we proffer cheaper solution to you unlike what dealers will provide you. After getting your car towed to them, which is another expense in itself, they’ll suggest that you get an ignition switch replacement which will cost you an arm and a leg. You’ll also end up losing a great asset. However, Thelockguys will bring to your table a much better offer, one that will only cost you about half that of the dealers, coupled with the fact that we also offer on-site repair services with the wonder-working hands of our staff. Our staff will replace the wafers with a new one after they’ve pulled the ignition switch out. They’ll also clean it and also add lubricant to it for easy switching, all these at a very affordable price.

Isn’t this deal much convenient and time-saving? 

Thelockguys is the best locksmith for your Volkswagen ignition failures

Volkswagen users have suffered a great deal from ignition failures, and all they hear from dealers isn’t helping too. But with Thelockguys, it’s all-out good news because our locksmiths are experienced in fixing a common problem like this. We have fully equipped staff with the technical know-how who you can call on anytime any day for your beloved Volkswagen cars. Aside from repairing your Volkswagen ignition, we also provide maintenance services that will help put your ignition system in good shape and also make identifying any ignition very simple. These services include cleaning your ignition cylinder, retightening your switchblade key whenever it loosens up. With these in place by Thelockguys, we can never let you down.

 Lastly, other common ignition failures as above mentioned can be attended to as we have our staff available online to help you repair, restore, and troubleshoot your car. Our staff will also provide you with some tips to ensure these common ignition failures are avoided. It’s noteworthy to know that our customer relations staff are adequately trained and they’ll make tour calls of utmost priority, we treat all calls with the emergency approach.

So let that confidence be there that Thelockguys locksmiths are the best professionals you can call anytime any day.